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Join us. Our first Bike, Skate, Scoot and Stroll Afternoon will be September 19th, beginning at 3 PM.  We'll park at Pizza Hut on Yellowstone Road.  Unload and ride the Greenway for about an hour and a half, then turn around and meet at Pizza Hut for Pizza and Beer. BYOP&B. Buy your own.

The family pet is welcome, but bring along plastic bags to pick up any droppings.

Please observe a few rules:

Go slowly in single file through tunnels and over bridges. Others may be approaching.

Use bells and horns on entering and exiting tunnels.

Call out when passing another person. " Passing on your left", etc.

Helmets are strongly advised.

Call Barry Mountain (631-3123) if you have any questions.  There's no fee for the ride and you need not be a current member.  Come on along!

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