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NEWSTUFF.GIF (1124 bytes)   Message Board  Stay in touch with other members.   Use this new feature to buy and sell skiing stuff, find and post info about lodging rentals, set up day trips with other members, interesting links, or anything else skiing-related. We're looking for a host where we don't have to endure all those dang ads.  This board is a public forum hosted by Bravenet, and readable by anyone.  We know you'll use your best judgment about topics and language.  However, offensive posts will be removed.  Click below.
Avalanche!   Learn about them.  Learn how to avoid them.  Check out the reports for the area you're heading into.
If we've skied it, there's likely a link to the downhill area here.   Webcam links too.
Around here, we owe a lot to the folks that keep the trails safe and skiable.  Read about the Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol and the Medicine Bow Nordic Association.
Snowmaking - articles from First Tracks, Smithsonian, American Skiing Company
And if you're expecting a really cold winter, you can do it yourself in your backyard.
NEWSTUFF.GIF (1124 bytes)Aha! An independent magazine.  These are hard to find nowadays.  Go to Freeskier.
Yellowstone in Winter - several members of the club took the pilgrimage to the waters at Old Faithful for some great Nordic skiing a few years back.  It's a wonderland in the winter.  And, best of all, the crowds are gone.
Skinet is the website of the folks that print Ski and  Skiing magazines.  Has a smattering of articles from their current issues and some up-to-date industry and racing news.
Powder Magazine - this magazine has the best ski photos of any mainstream mag, period.  The website ain't bad either.
Breakthrough on Skis - renowned ski writer Lito Tejada-Flores and some of his guests reflect on skiing.  Good reading.   Excellent B&W photos.
San Juan Huts - another link to skiing in southwestern Colorado.  This link provided by Sue and Kevin.
Done any tele-skiing?  Go to telemarktips for tips, videos, lessons, and more.  Thanks to Mark for suggesting this site.
REI Outlet.  Another hot tip from Mark's bookmarks file.  He suggests that if you see something you like, GET IT!  Stuff moves very quickly.
  BOOKLIST.   We've begun a reading list of ski and outdoor books.  Great for gift-giving. The first few come from a column provided by Ellen.  Please let us know what other books and videos merit inclusion. 
From the UK, here's a well-rounded website called   Resorts, gear, travel, FIS results, several active bulletin boards, and more.   Thanks to Christer for the link.
Can we ever outguess the weather?  Probably not!  But there's a wealth of information at, as well as great photos, classifieds, and a nice groups of links.  Another great tip from Christer.
NEWSTUFF.GIF (1124 bytes) Interested in winter camping?  Head for the ultimate location, far above the Arctic Circle, where the vodka is served in ice glasses.  Read about Icehotel in Smithsonian Magazine.
Right in our backyard - have you been to Jax lately?  It sure has changed since our last visit back in our college days,  back -- uh -- when was that, anyhow?
NEWSTUFF.GIF (1124 bytes)An wide-ranging newsletter, and a chance for you to win lift tickets by submitting a story is what you'll find at Ski Bum News.  You can also set it up to reach your inbox as it's published.

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