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When and where are the club meetings?

Our meetings are held at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 507 West 28th Street.  They begin at 7:30 PM on the first Thursday of the month, beginning in November and running through April.  The second meeting of each month may be held there also, or may be elsewhere. Check the club calendar for details.

What types of memberships are available?

We offer an individual membership for $20 for the year, a family membership for $30, and a membership for full-time students for $10.

Are there any activities beside skiing? 

A Chili Supper gets the season underway in late October.  Details on our trips will be available, and representatives from several ski areas will be there to answer your questions.  In the summer, the members have enjoyed mountain biking, river rafting and softball, bicycling outings.

Do I have to be a member to go on trips?

Yes, Membership is required for all trips, except for the occasional trips we have to familiarize people with the club's activities. Even so, we'll ask you to sign a liability release before participation.

Do I need to know how to ski or ride to go on a ski trip?

Definitely not. We have a number of members who travel with us every year and are not skiers or snowboarders. Some of our travelers are "never-evers" and have gotten into this sport by going on ski trip with us and learning how. Lessons from professional instructors at the areas we visit are highly recommended.

I'm just a beginner skier, will I have to ski by myself?

Not unless you want to. Every ski trip has skiers from virtually all skill levels. By attending the Club meetings you will get to know some of your fellow members and we can help you find others at your skill level. Usually, after arrival at your destination and you begin skiing, those of similar skill find each other.

I'm traveling alone, do I have to find a roommate?

No. We'll match you up with a same-sex roommate or you can pay an additional fee and have a room of your own. Most trips are based on multiple occupancy.

The trip I wanted to go on is full, what should I do?

The options you have here are these: Find a second-choice trip to sign up for, or contact the trip leader from your first choice and get put on the "Waiting List", or do both. However, be sure to pay close attention to cancellation dates for all trips you apply for.  We sometimes have cancellations if there's not sufficient interest.

Can I snowboard on all Club trips?

Almost for sure. Most ski areas welcome snowboarders.  However, some still do not  (Deer Valley is one that comes to mind). Check with the Trip Leader for a trip you are considering before signing up; they will know.

How can I pay for my trip?

Cash or check, please.  We're not set up to take credit cards.

Are lift tickets included in the price of the trips?

No, lift tickets are additional. Experience has shown that we can't find a "one-size-fits-all" lift ticket to include in the package price.  Some people ski only one day, some insist on skiing every moment possible. By not including lift tickets, everyone pays the same price for the basic trip. If there is a group discount available, the Trip Leader will purchase the tickets and any savings will be passed on to you.  Separate discount packages may be available during the fall for the particular trips you have in mind.

Do all trips stay in hotels?

No. Accommodations vary  from dorm-type ski lodges to hotels to very nice condominiums, depending on availability and cost at the destination.

Will I have to buy ski equipment before I go on a trip?

No. Equipment rental is available in town or at the ski area itself.  This will give you an opportunity to try several different skis and boots before you spend the big bucks for your own gear.

How can I become more involved with the Club?

Check with any Trip Leader or Board Member if you would like to become a Trip Leader. And we also have a number of other activities where assistance is needed that don't require the commitment of leading a trip.


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