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Sign up now for our complete ski/snowboard conditioning class. Conducted by the professional trainers  at United Medical Center Health and Fitness facility, this class works on all the essentials for you to be at your peak just as the winter season gets underway.  The class  provides for

A Progressive training format

Cardiovascular strengthening

Agility and Plyometric training

Balance Assessments

Special attention will be given to exercises strengthening the knee area

The course begins on Monday, November 7 and runs for six weeks, finishing just before Christmas Vacation.  Classes are Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 5:30 to 6:30.  

If you are already a member of UMC Health and Fitness Club, there is no additional cost.  If you have not yet joined, the fee is only $50 for the entire six-week period for individuals, and $70 per couple. Register by phone at 778-5500 and pay at the first session, or stop in at 1620 East Pershing Blvd.




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